Arcona Yachts has always strived to achieve the finest combination of fast-paced race-winning yachts with a relaxed, close to nature cruising concept. With this in mind, Arcona has successfully managed to develop one of the world’s best fleets of performance cruisers. Arcona’s aim is to build you a boat that you will love and that we can be proud of.

Arcona fleet

Arcona 50

The first Arcona model designed by Jeppesen & Pons and the new flagship of the Arcona fleet.

Arcona 465

Built wholly in carbon with a handcrafted wood interior, the Arcona 465 is a true masterpiece. Designed for sailors to enjoy both cruising in comfort and/or racing at speeds of over 24 knots.

Arcona 435 MK II – NEW

The Arcona 435 is a quick, modern and easy-to-manage 45-foot performance cruiser that will win regattas one weekend and then take the family for a comfortable and safe sail the next.

Arcona 415

The Arcona 415 combines exceptional sailing performance whether cruising or racing with roomy comfort for family and crew.

Arcona 385

The Arcona 385 is a quick, lightweight and easy-to-manage 11.28m/38foot performance cruiser.

Arcona 345

Ideal for sailing by two or for racing with crew, the 34ft/10.4m Arcona 345 is set to be a new favourite performance cruiser on the racecourse and indeed for cruising with family and friends.


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