Arcona 435 MK II – NEW

Greyhound of the Sea

The Arcona 435 won European Yacht of the Year in 2019 in the performance cruiser category and the 435 MK II continues to uphold Arcona’s strong heritage of innovation and design excellence, using the finest materials and best workmanship. The Arcona 435 is a quick, modern and easy-to-manage 45-foot performance cruiser which has been updated with the MK II so that this award-winner is even better.

The Arcona 435 Designer, Stefan Qviberg has once again fulfilled Arcona’s brief to create a yacht that fits exactly in the intended slot of the market – for the owner who doesn’t want to compromise on sailing performance and comfort.

Stefan said “The 435 has an efficient sail design, a low weight and the same stability known in every Arcona yacht. We liked the hull shape and line of the 430 so for the 435, we’ve built on our learning from her predecessor while modernising the boat inside and out.

The sail plan has a 106% overlapping headsail and a relatively larger mainsail than previous models. The 435 is easy-to-handle no matter if you are sailing shorthanded or fully crewed. Compared to her predecessor, the Arcona 430, the Arcona 435 is more modern in many aspects. She has a wider stern which gives her a more spacious saloon and a larger cockpit without compromising on her sailing ability on all angles. An efficient sail design in combination with optimised weight will ensure that the Arcona 435 performs superbly.
Following customer feedback, the Arcona 435 has been updated to be the Arcona 435 MK II and the new features include:

  • A reprofiled joint between the bowsprit and hull.
    The Code Zero will be mounted (as standard) on the bowsprit. It is possible to work without a bobstay and therefore make it easier when anchoring.
    For hard racing we however still recommend a soft bobstay to be fitted to the front of the bowsprit to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • The hull height is raised so that there is +80mm in the bow and +100mm in stern, for increased headroom internally. This makes the height 200cm from floor to ceiling at the accommodation hatch and 189cm at the main bulkhead.
  • Hull dimensions have increased adding 60mm on each side which means the new beam is 4.04m. We’ve also added about 100mm of hull length.
  • The hull windows have changed.
    The three windows in the hull are larger and covered in a white printscreen that blends beautifully into the hull of the yacht, enables lots of natural light to come in.
  • The rig has the same aspect rig as standard however the Q measurement has been updated with a 60mm longer pipe.
  • Deckware.
    2 Tackline pipes – Under deck (coachroof) as standard.
    The options list now includes:
    a new double bend self-tacking track for low profile installation.
    Optional Cutter stay reinforcement.
    Optional electro-hydraulic backstay (Reckmann) with pushbutton controls.
  • Interior.
    Part wood veneer finish in both heads.
    Due to proximity of back burner, only 2 burner stoves can be fitted however this does not apply to electric hobs.
    New extra storage locker under galley lockers.

The side decks are wide and the cockpit is spacious with plenty of room for crew, family and friends. There are twin carbon wheels and the cockpit table will recess into the cockpit floor. There is a choice between an open transom or semi-closed. With her plumb bow and wide stern she will offer plenty of speed and comfortable sailing.

Arcona yacht interiors have typical features, using high-quality woodwork and practical designs in clever locations. They are light and modern, reflecting classic Scandinavian design. The generous saloon has been carefully thought out for optimum entertaining purposes. Taking in the full 4.04m beam of the yacht, there is plenty of space around the table and she has a spacious galley, three cabins and two heads.

We know that all sailors have different needs. That’s why Arcona never build boats for stock. Each boat is hand-built for its owner.

Ultimately, the yacht sailed like a dream. Given that the hull shape is fairly conservative, I would also imagine that she would look after you in a blow and also offer you a decent opportunity to outrun adverse weather. I was once asked why the yachting press always raved about Arconas. The answer is simple; they sail bewitchingly, they look good and they are easy to handle.” – Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today, December 2018

Greyhound of the sea unleashed.” – Yachting Monthly, Dec 2018. Read their Arcona 435 Test here.

Swede dreams are made of these.” – Sailing Today, Dec 2018

The deck is peeled and the cockpit large. Spaces feel well thought-through for comfortable and easy sailing, no matter if you sail with a small or large crew. Details like the stowable cockpit table, wheels in carbon, well-placed tilting steps and the ability to adjust the position of the instruments speaks for accuracy and care throughout the whole process. With a price tag of approximately 360 000 EUR she is not a budget alternative, however, that is not a Volvo XC90 either…” – Search Magazine, December 2018


Design: Stefan Qviberg
CE Category: A-Ocean
Length overall (with bowsprit): 14.15 m
Length overall: 13.63 m
Length waterline: 12.47 m
Beam: 4.04 m
Draft (shallow/standard/racing): 2.0/2.3/2.6 m
Displacement: 8 990 kg
Mast height above waterline (Standard without antennas & instruments): 21 m
Water capacity: 270 L
Engine: Yanmar 4JH45C
Sail Drive: SD60
Fuel Tank: 215 L
Main Sail: 62 m²
Jib 107%: 47.9 m²
Spinnaker: 172 m²
P: 17.2
J: 5.04
E: 6.0
IG: 17.8
LP: 5.350
LL: 17.7
SMW: 9.8
SLU: 18.5
SLE: 18.5