Overnight trips, getting the water-skis out, taking on less than friendly waters. C-8 has multiple configurations for all your adventures.


Why settle for a boat that isn’t fit for purpose? C-8 has you covered. Pick between two available variants to meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.


The Daycruiser or the Centre Console.

Candela C-8

To make a compelling electric craft, Candela had to re-think the boat.

Instead of pushing through waves, C-8 glides in silence over the water’s surface. Candela made a motor, the Candela C-Pod, perfected for hydrofoiling, deviating from the trend of larger engines in leisure boating. By combining innovation in electric propulsion with hydrofoiling, the C-8 leaves no wake behind.

Polestar Powered

The most advanced electric boat battery pack ever comes from… a car. Candela C-8 Polestar Powered uses the same 69 kWh pack as the Polestar 2 electric performance fastback.

Polestar batteries also bring DC charging to the table, which means C-8 now combines the longest electric range with the fastest charging times. The result is the longest-range electric boat on the market, by a factor of two.

Candela C-8

Racing car meets flying carpet.
Pull the wheel hard, and you’ll feel the driving sensation of a racing car, thanks to instant feedback, fly-by-wire steering. Combined with the hydrofoil’s silent, magic-carpet ride in rough conditions, the C-8 offers a superior experience at sea.


The Flight Controller uses different types of sensors to measure the boat’s position, speed, and acceleration in six degrees of freedom to create a precise and stable hydrofoiling experience.

The Candela C-POD is the most efficient and longest-lasting boat motor ever built.
The C-8 is a game changer in the electrification of boats. C-8 combines efficiency, unbeatable comfort, and a minimal environmental impact.
The retractable C-FOIL system makes C-8 a true no-compromise electric boat.
A computer on the water – the Flight Controller powers the hydrofoiling experience of the C-8.

Retractable hydrofoils

The retractable C-FOIL system makes C-8 a true no-compromise electric boat. In shallow mode, the foils and Candela C-POD are protected by the hull. In extreme weather conditions that prevent foiling, C-8 can be driven as a conventional boat, albeit with reduced range.

Superior interior. The cabin in C-8 DC sleeps two adults and two children.

The comfortable interior allows for a cozy overnight experience or shelter from the sun on a hot day.

After more than 150 orders and counting, the number of available near-term production slots is decreasing. Reserve your C-8, before deliveries in spring 2024 become fully booked.

Reducing local emissions by 99%.
C-8 is a long-range, all-electric craft that travels silently above the surface. No emissions.

We designed it to be the most efficient boat ever built. At 20 knots, the energy usage per nautical mile is just 0,8 kWh. To put that into perspective, that’s the energy content of 0,1 liter of gasoline.

100% Carbon fibre, built in Sweden. With experience from fighter jet technology and airplane design, we design our hulls to be extremely light, while still rigid and strong.

The C-8 hull is vacuum infused from 100% carbon fibre, which allows the weight to be significantly less than similar boats.

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Material: Carbon Fibre
Battery: 69 kWh – Powered by Polestar
Weight: 1750 kg
Passengers: 8 passengers including driver
Length: 8.50 m
Width: 2.50 m
Speed: 22 kt cruise, 27 kt top
Motor: Candela C-Pod (45/50 kW)
Range: 57 NM at 22 kt +3 NM at 4 kt in limp home mode
Draft: 0.5 m in shallow mode 0,9 m in planing mode 0,8 m while foiling 1.5 m while not foiling, foils extended
Charging: 11 kW AC: 6.5 h 0-100% 135 kW DC: 35 min 10-80%
Interface: 15,4-inch touch screen with Candela’s proprietary navigation and boat integration system. Free software upgrades included. One year free sea chart upgrades included.
App: Candela app with position, state of charge, route statistics and more. Optional geo-fence.
Hull Shape: The hybrid hull is shaped for frictionless planing in addition to low air resistance when foiling. In Harbour Mode the foils are retracted above the surface which prevents fouling and corrosion.