Arcona Yachts are best known for building some of the world’s best cruiser-racers in terms of design, speed, comfort and quality. The spirit of Arcona runs throughout the whole range of five models, 340 – 465. Each yacht is responsive and kind, a sailor’s dream. Buying an Arcona makes you part of a community of people that care about sailing, great design and each other.


“It is a fantastic feeling when you set sails, start to trim and feel the drive in the boat. When she gets a touch of heel and takes off, you feel the balance and stiffness, that is unbeatable. That’s a world-class yacht.
An Arcona is sprung out of ideas that we get, us sailors, who sail the yachts. We realise when the reach for the wheel is a bit too far, then we make an adjustment. We understand where we need an extra foot support or how to make it easier to reach a winch, etc. In the process of making an Arcona, we are with the project the whole time.
When we have milled out the deck form we go and sit in the Styrofoam model to get a feel for it. It is more than once than I have grabbed a chainsaw and cut in the model to make changes and I said this is how I want it. I think this connection and personal hands-on approach gets lost by many boat builders today.”
– Torgny Jansson, Founder, Arcona Yachts


The DNA for Arcona Yachts is really the concept of a cruiser-racer. When you draw a pure race yacht, you don’t have to think about comfort on board and speed is your single focus. Drawing a cruiser is not too challenging either when your single focus is comfort and sailing performance is not important. However, to successfully design a yacht that performs well in racing, as well as being comfortable and safe to cruise for the family, that is the real trick.


The lighter the yacht you have, the faster she sails and the better features she will have. That is one reason Arcona Yachts use carbon today. The racing sailor wants a boat that is light because it is faster than the others. There is a little pay on the rating, but the boat will be fast. Regarding the cruiser; Arcona send multiple yachts to the West Indies and all over the world every year and they see how they get loaded until they float like sea anchors. By making the yachts several hundred kilos lighter from the start, there is an initial allowance for the extra gear. The light weight of the boats is key. Then comes other pieces of the puzzle, like making the cockpit layout work for both cruising – when you need to reach everything yourself – and racing when you need space for a full crew.


A racer-cruiser yacht should be able to be sailed and managed by a couple in any situation. Much of the inspiration comes from the summers Torgny and his wife Ewa have spent together on their Arcona. Today they sail a 46-footer together and if someone had proposed this 20-30 years ago, people would have thought that it was a joke. All Arcona new and modern models are “jib boats,” meaning they don’t need overlapping genoas and can be fitted with outboard shrouds for increased rigging stability. It makes sails easier to handle and you don’t need a huge sail inventory. That is one factor that makes the sail plan higher and more efficient. Therefore, you can always recognise an Arcona Yacht by the coast due to her smart, tall and efficient sail plan. Stunning, powerful and fast!


The production process of a new boat poses thousands of different questions and complex decisions; the selection of materials, the specification of the fittings, the choice of running and standing rigging, to name but a few. The solution is to precisely tailor each decision to meet the high standards we have set to achieve owner expectations. It is a laborious process, yet straightforward – quite simply, we want to build you a boat that you will love and that we can be proud of.

The Arcona hull is built to be stiff and strong, ensuring the boat can always be sailed safely. Swedish heritage shows through in the lines and the design of our yachts. Built with classic Swedish boat building tradition, satin-finished mahogany and fine textiles. Bright, beautiful and functional with many hidden qualities – qualities which you will appreciate more and more with each passing year of ownership of your Arcona.


“I loved this boat. She wasn’t showy or loud, wildly modern or overly traditional. She looks designed to do exactly what you’d want a boat to do and do it with ease. She handles exceedingly well, so light in the water she seems to skim across the surface, with speeds to match – an easy 8-10kt. But she doesn’t fight you hard, even in a blow.”

– Sam’s Verdict, Sailing Today 2017, Arcona 465