UK Premiere of the Candela C-8 electric hydrofoiling boat

We are delighted to announce that the Candela C-8 will be available to view for the first time ever in the UK at Southampton International Boat Show, 15th – 24th September. As the exclusive UK dealers of this award-winning electric hydrofoiling boat, we cannot wait to show you around.

Ian Dighé, SE Yachts Chairman, said, “The Candela C-8 promises a unique combination of long all-electric range, high speed, and industry-first features. We’re proud to bring the first Candela C-8 to the UK.”

The transition to zero-emission boats has been hampered by the inadequate performance of conventional electric boats. Propelling a planing, conventional powerboat through the water requires enormous amounts of energy, which drains even the biggest lithium-ion batteries after only 30-45 minutes of spirited driving.

Flying above the waves on hydrofoils – underwater wings – Candela’s craft use 80% less energy than conventional boats, which translates into far longer range and higher speeds on pure battery power.

What makes hydrofoils so effective is the dramatic reduction in drag. A typical planing hull has a 4-to-1 lift-to-drag ratio, while the Candela C-8 has a 20-to-1 lift advantage. Cruising at 22 knots, the C-8 can fly for 57 nautical miles on its 69 kWh battery – 2-3 times longer than other conventional electric powerboats with their 300% bigger batteries.

But the C-8 offers other and new benefits over any other boat. Actively stabilised hydrofoils allow Candela electric boats to leave no trace; no pollution, no noise, no wake.

The C-8’s digital flight control system automatically adjusts the foils to keep the boat level and steady, even in adverse weather conditions. The ride is silky smooth in choppy waves and side winds. The low energy usage directly translates into an almost non-existent wake. And the ride is silent, thanks to Candela’s newly developed Candela C-POD direct-drive electric pod motor.

In an industry-first for leisure boats, the C-8 is equipped with fly-by-wire steering and has autopilot features for more relaxed driving over long distances. More features will follow as the C-8 is upgradeable Over-The-Air.

We will be able to offer test rides so if you’re serious about joining the foiling revolution, let us blow your mind and introduce you to the future of boating.

See the Candela C-8 up close, meet the Candela UK team and learn about how Candela boats are revolutionising maritime transport.

Find Candela on M145 at Southampton International Boat Show.

Click here to book your exclusive Southampton Boat Show appointment.

“Candela’s C-8 Is a Boat That Flies
WIRED soars across the San Francisco Bay in this $390K, Polestar-powered, all-electric hydrofoil that wants to be more like a plane.”

Click here to read what Boone Ashworth from Wired magazine thought of the Candela experience.

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