Sail electric with SE Yachts

The electric Arcona 435 Mk II will make her UK show début at the South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show 21-23 April 2023 and is on display by SE Yachts, the exclusive UK dealers for Arcona Yachts of Sweden. She will also be on display at Jersey Boat Show, 29 April – 1st May.

In terms of power, the Arcona 435 Mk II is equipped with an Oceanvolt ServoProp 15(15kW) electric propulsion system, with variable pitch propeller technology. It has a 28.8kWh battery pack as standard. A 15kW electric motor is the equivalent of a 30hp diesel engine on Arcona’s 40-45ft yachts.

The lightweight Oceanvolt system uses the propeller to generate power whilst sailing, storing it in the propulsion battery pack for later use. Regeneration depends on sailing speed, however Arcona customers have seen the hydrogeneration commence when the yacht is sailing at a speed as low as 5 knots.

Arcona Yachts has been working with Oceanvolt since 2013 and are proud to have one of the largest fleets of electric powered yachts on the water. The benefits of electric propulsion are numerous; not having an exhaust or a diesel engine means the elimination therefore of emissions. The ongoing cost saving vs. fuelling up with diesel. The minimised operating noise and vibrations. The possibility to motorsail. The increased space for living due to the removal of a diesel engine. The complete power management, the ease of use and maintenance, and having an overall lighter weight thus increased sailing performance, to name but a few.

Alasdair Marshall, Director of SE Yachts, said, “The Arcona 435 Mk II averages over 8 knots, which is fast for a 45-foot yacht. A higher performance monohull, like those in theArcona performance cruiser fleet, is a huge advantage when sailing with electric propulsionas it sails well, even in light winds, and will start charging your battery through hydrogeneration sooner.”

Alasdair, continues, “We appreciate that electric propulsion in yachts is still relatively new technology and requires a slightly different approach when sailing, so we’re proud to work closely with Sail Electric to help our customers with the important learning curve of getting the most from their electric Arcona, before, during and after their purchase.”

The biggest question asked about electric whether it is cars or boats, is about range.

The joy of having a sailing boat is that if you know how to sail and the weather permits then the range is ‘unlimited’. The Oceanvolt electric propulsion comes with their ServoPropsystem with advanced hydrogeneration. This continuously adds power back into your battery bank providing regenerated power.

Wayne Peters, Founder of Sail Electric, said, “To get the most from electric propulsion and the ServoProp hydrogeneration, you fundamentally need a yacht that sails well – just as the Arcona 435 Mk II does. As an engineer, keen sailor and an advocate for electric propulsion I look to help the sailing community protect our oceans and tackle climate change. My aim by working with SE Yachts is to support the Arcona owners who choose electric propulsion and to ensure they reap the benefits from this awesome technology. I will be attending the show alongside Arcona and SE Yachts to answer any questions on design, performance and ethos as, sailing with a ServoProp 10Kw in Nazca my Contessa 34, I have a vast amount of first-hand experience.”

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