Retrofit bowsprit

To enjoy the benefits of sailing with a code zero or asymmetric spinnaker, we recommend adding a bowsprit to your Arcona yacht.


A good number of yacht owners are opting for the ease and performance offered by asymmetric spinnakers to replace the traditional symmetric spinnakers on their yachts. If you are sailing with an A-sail, a bowsprit will significantly enhance the performance of the sail by reducing the blanket effect of the main. The longer the sprit, the less of an effect your main will have on your spinnaker’s performance. If you’re interested in speed, a bowsprit will enable you to carry a larger, more efficient, sail wardrobe. Most importantly, a bowsprit will make shorthanded sailing much easier when making manoeuvres – particularly gybing.


Take a look at the before and after photos of our recent retrofit on the Arcona 380, Mintaka.



It takes approximately 15 hours for the bowsprit to be retrofitted. The work can be completed on the water and the mast does not have to be removed. If you would like a free, no-obligation, quote for adding a bowsprit to your Arcona yacht, please contact or call 02380 457 770.

All new Arcona yachts are available with the option of a bowsprit, click here to see the latest Arcona fleet or contact us for advice on choosing the best Arcona yacht to meet your needs.

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