New Arcona – Three Weeks To Go!

NEW FOR 2022

Arcona Yachts and SE Yachts are delighted to announce that the first Arcona model designed by Jeppesen & Pons will be revealed in three weeks time.

X-Yachts Founder & Principal Designer, Niels Jeppesen and Naval Architect and Yacht Designer, Ariadna Pons-Forn have worked together at X-Yachts Design Ltd for years and bring a wealth of experience to Arcona Yachts.

Introduced last week, every Friday throughout February we will reveal more of the new Arcona pictured above and share a few more details about her, up until her launch on Friday 4th March.

With a brief from Arcona Yachts’ CEO, Urban Lagnéus, to design a yacht that delivers superb sailing performance and pure cruising comfort in true Arcona style, this new yacht is set to turn heads whether you’re out cruising the Stockholm Archipelago, racing round Gotland or crossing the Atlantic.

Read on to find out a little more about our new addition.


Shorthanded sailing and ease of use are fundamental in the design of this new model.

Under power, a well dimensioned 4-cylinder engine propels a 3-blade folding propeller. Vibrations and noise are kept to a minimum. Optional retractable thrusters will secure maximum manoeuvrability in narrow marinas.

Under sail the most efficient sail handling systems are at hand. All halyards lead to the large self-tailing winches, jib sheeting via a self-tacker or longitudinal tracks, mainsail sheeting via cockpit recessed block or an electrically operated traveller, running recessed under cockpit floor to ensure an accessible, safe, and clear space.

There is an optional inner forestay to attach a furling heavy weather jib for ocean passages. There is also the option for a bowsprit for easily controllable use of asymmetric sails.


Find out more on Friday 18th February…

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