Najad returns to their roots

The owner of Najad has bought the service and maintenance yard, Orust Yacht Service AB, including the company’s production and harbour facilities. Given the acquisition, Najad will be moving production back to Henån, on the island of Orust, Sweden. For Najad it means that the company can once again fully leverage the experience and knowledge that exists from the boatbuilders on Orust.

Fredrik Malmqvist – CEO Najad Yachts:
“It feels amazing to share with you that Najad is moving back home to Henån. We have now secured the production, skills, quality, and future scaling for Najad. I truly believe that current and prospective owners of exclusive sailing yachts today demand much more in terms of easy ownership. With the acquisition of Orust Yacht Service, we will be able to provide a service and maintenance scheme that few others can offer which will improve the experience of owning a Najad.” 

Orust Yacht Service is among one of northern Europe’s largest and most respected service, repair, and maintenance yards for sailing boats. The company will continue to be managed as a separate entity offering its quality service to a wide range of customers, regardless of brand. The appointed CEO for Orust Yacht Service is Andreas Samuelsson, formerly the co-owner and Production Director within the company.

Andreas Samuelsson – Appointed CEO Orust Yacht Service:
“I see great potential for Orust Yacht Service, and it feels very exciting and motivating to take the helm at Orust Yacht Service. Today’s sailing yachts are much more complex than before, and we have managed to develop a unique and efficient service and maintenance scheme to deliver high quality service to a wide range of boat brands. I am very much looking forward to continuing to develop Orust Yacht Service to become an even stronger service partner.”

Former CEO & boatbuilder, Claes Samuelsson, who successfully built Orust Yacht Service to the company it is today, will continue to support Najad and Orust Yacht Service during the transition period to assist with the future growth of both companies.

The announcement was made earlier this year that Najad and Arcona will be run as two separate entities with a 100% focus on each brand to best accelerate their growth. Since the appointment of Najad CEO, Fredrik Malmqvist, Najad has presented a new upgraded model, the Najad 450CC Next Generation for launch in 2023, and this is the first model to be built in Henån. The investment in service and production for Najad Yachts represents another step in the right direction for Najad’s new and existing customers.

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