The SE Yachts team are proud to be an ePropulsion stockist. ePropulsion is leading the innovation of electric outboard motors, with brushless direct-drive outboard, field-oriented control, anti-corrosion technology.
Find out more below about the industry leading ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus portable electric outboard motor, call us on 02380 457 770 or email


Get ahead with the industry leading Spirit 1.0 Plus portable electric outboard motor. This hugely popular performance, rechargeable outboard motor is a highly reliable and affordable step to greener boating.

Why is an electric outboard better?

  • 1kW offers equivalent power to a 3hp engine
  • clean, quiet, less harm to nature & the oceans
  • extensive motoring range & capacity
  • up to 5 hours / 22 miles in 3m tender
  • maintenance free – no fuel or oil on board

Lightweight and highly portable, this outboard motor can be recharged using 12 volt output or solar power. The unsinkable battery floats if you drop it and and is recyclable.

Reliable, flexible boating

Like all the innovative ePropulsion motors, the Spirit 1.0 Plus is built to last. The motor passed a continuous 83 day run test, with flying colours.

It was voted ‘Best Buy’ in the Yachting Monthly test of 12 electric outboards!

Easy to carry and store on board, the battery separates from the propeller shaft, which makes it perfect for:

  • yacht tenders
  • SIBs (small inflatable RIBs)
  • day sailing boats & dinghies
  • small motor boats and day boats
  • fishing boats

Portable electric outboard efficiency

The 1276Wh battery means 75 minutes run time at full throttle compared to 45 minutes for an average 3.5hp petrol outboard at full power.

It’s highly efficient battery means more reliable boating and more effective boating.

All ePropulsion’s electric outboards use a direct drive motor which has considerably more torque than a motor using gears. Because it is more efficient than a combustion engine it conserves overall use of power.

With few moving parts and no fuel, oil or grease needed, you’ll save money too as there is no maintenance, winterising or servicing required.

Kinder to the environment

    • clean and easy to store on board or in your car
    • silent – less disruptive to wildlife and fish
    • no risk of fuel leaks or water pollution
    • make history of exhaust fumes & air pollution
    • no fuel reduces any fire risk on board
    • waterproof battery (IP67)
    • fully buoyant battery – so it floats in case you drop it!

Battery (self) management

    • self-hibernation so when not in use the battery will discharge itself
    • no need for manual discharging
    • fully recyclable at end of life


Contact us on or call Simon or Alasdair on 02380 457 770 for further information on ePropulsion.

Photo credit: ePropulsion

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