Arcona 385 Online Premiere Webinar

The Arcona Yachts webinar, that was held on 13th February 2021 in Sweden, was an exciting opportunity to see the premiere of the Arcona 385, ask questions about Arcona Yachts to the Arcona team and hear from guests, Harken and UK Sailmakers.


  • A walkthrough tour of the NEW Arcona 385 followed by a interview with Noel from Arcona Yachts to answer questions from the webinar attendees.
  • Futher details on the Arcona 385 hull and keel.
  • The latest news from Harken followed by a Q&A with Fredrik from Harken.
  • The UK Sailmakers team presented from their loft. Followed by an interview with Oskar from UK Sailmakers Sweden who answered questions from the webinar attendees.
  • A walkthrough tour of the NEW Arcona 345.
  • An interview with Arcona CEO, Nicolas Broberg, to answer your questions.

What actually happened:

Outline (with time codes so you can skip along to those bits)

  • Intro & Arcona 385 walkthrough tour
  • At 26mins Arcona 385 Q&A with Hanna & Noel
  • At 44mins Arcona 385 keel with Hanna & Gustav
  • Torgny’s interview video clip
  • Sailyard (Uddevalla) video clip
  • At 55mins Harken presentation
  • Harken Q&A with Hanna & Fredrik
  • At 1hr 20 Arcona 345 walkthrough tour by Hanna & Noel
  • At 1hr 40 UK Sailmakers presentation
  • At 1hr 56 UK Sailmakers Q&A with Hanna & Oskar
  • At 2hr 26 Arcona 385 walkthrough tour with Hanna & Noel
  • At 2hr 51 Arcona 385 keel with Hanna & Gustav
  • At 2hr 55 Arcona Q&A with Hanna & Nicolas

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