Arcona 380

Relaxing to cruise, thrilling to race

The beautiful hull form of the Arcona 380 has produced a boat that is outstanding in strong winds and impressively stiff to windward. Under sail, she is wonderfully balanced and responsive to the helm with her twin wheels.

The Arcona 380 is built with the latest materials and advanced techniques. Her lay-up, which incorporates a 20mm Divinycell foam core employs the latest vacuum infusion technology. All bulkheads are bonded to the hull and deck for added strength. At the heart of the boat is the galvanised steel cradle, taking all the dynamic loads of rig, mast, and keel, ensuring that the boat is both strong and stiff as well as responsive.

Her interior reflects Arcona Yachts’ attention to detail and her Swedish roots. The large, light and airy saloon is beautifully handcrafted in farmed Khaya mahogany. She is available with two or one aft cabins.

Her deck layout, wide side decks, and roomy cockpit make her easy to handle under sail, giving a wonderful sailing performance.

Chris Beeson in his review of the Arcona 380 in Yachting Monthly, September 2014, says:

“For anyone who actively and genuinely enjoys the business of sailing, this boat is the benchmark. I defy anyone to sail this boat and not smile as she leans gently on a gust and surges forward. It’s pure sailing pleasure.”

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“You’ll find cheaper 40-footers, but you’d be hard-pushed to find a better compromise between looks, performance and stability. Or one that’s more thrilling to sail.” – Sailing Today, Online, Test on Arcona 380

“The grip in the water is top-notch. We intentionally pushed the boat and am surprised at how far we had to go before she loses her grip. As a helmsman, you both sit and stands comfortably with the solid footrests when the boat heels over. Arcona 380 lives up to our high expectations. She has nice, well-balanced lines and is very satisfying to look at. Every detail seems to be well thought out and well done, which it probably also is, since the concept is based on the same successful platform as her big sister. It is obvious that Arcona has made an effort to create a really nice performance cruiser inside out. This is undoubtedly a genuine built boat that invites as much to nail biting racing as to relaxed holiday sailing.” – Search Magazine, Website, Arcona 380


Length (Overall): 11.28m
Length (Waterline): 10.60m
Beam: 3.80m
Draft: (1.90) 2.10 (2.40) m
Displacement: 6,850kg
Keel Weight: 2,400kg
Fresh Water: 200 litres
Fuel Tank: 150 litres
Holding Tank: 80 litres
Engine: Yanmar 3YM/SD20 30 hp 3 cyl
CE-Class: A
Main Sail: 37.5m²
Jib (107%): 38.93m²
Spinnaker: 138m²
Gennaker: 120m²
Mast Height: 19.2m
I: 16.2m
J: 4.2m
P: 16m
E: 5.4m
LP: 4.45 (106%)