Delta Powerboats is run by the Swedes Lennart Alpstål, Lars Modin and Kalle Wessel. As a small and entrepreneurial company with a responsive relationship with its customers, Delta is developing rapidly. Approximately 300 boats, divided into ten different models from 25 to 88 feet, have been delivered during the company’s first ten years. Eight of these models are in production today.


Delta Powerboats makes boats for those who strive for a balance between form and function, between new technology and careful craftsmanship, between performance and environmental concerns. For those who want a boat that can be trusted in any weather, for many years to come.


When you own a Delta, you open yourself up to endless possibilities for thrills, enjoyment, and unforgettable experiences on the water.

Whether you seek adventure, time with friends and family, leisure, or all of these, your Delta will deliver. Delta ownership offers complete customisation and a personalised build experience. Your new hull is among over 400+ handcrafted Deltas shipped all over the world. Choose your favourite colours and make your Delta truly yours.

We offer each new Delta Owner a unique tour of the factory just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. We want you to be intimately involved in the build, from initial gelcoat to fabric selection. Deltas are built with purposeful, passionate design, inside and out; being aware of each feature will only enhance your relationship with your Delta.


Delta’s boats are often recognised for their design – the distinctive angular features of their profile; the stylish interior with carefully selected details – but there is something else that makes these boats truly unique.

From Delta Powerboats’ state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility, hundreds of carpenters, fitters, product developers and boatbuilders follow the philosophy that a good boat takes time to build; that the details make the difference. All stainless steel parts are hand polished and all of the carpentry and joinery is handled in-house by master carpenters with years of boatbuilding experience.


Carbon fibre has been the construction material of choice in the aerospace and military industries, before becoming the norm in high-level yacht and auto racing. The carbon fibre material used in automotive, aerospace and marine construction is more specifically known as carbon fibre-reinforced polymer or carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. In this construction method, carbon fibres are reinforced with resin to create a building material that yields a high strength-to-weight ratio. At the Delta Powerboats state-of-the-art yacht-building facility in Sweden, sheets of carbon fibre are carefully reinforced with a vinylester and divinycell resin and then vacuum infused within the hull or superstructure mould. This process guarantees that the resin is evenly distributed and there are guarantees that the resin is evenly distributed and there are no areas of compromise. It also further ensures rigidity and strength, thereby allowing for less material than that needed to yield the same strength in traditional fibreglass or aluminium construction. This leads to a much lighter vessel overall, which maximises speed, reduces fuel consumption, allows for smaller engines and generally ensures a much more efficient boat. Carbon fibre also serves as a natural sound dampening material and yields less vibration than fibreglass or aluminium.